Bright apartment on the wedding day with the decoration of fresh flowers


Increasingly, the housing area is shrinking due to the increasing population in Vietnam. For big cities like Da Nang, due to the large number of immigrants, people choose to live in apartment buildings. When choosing an apartment to live in, it is clear that parties or ceremonies are held here.


Many people think that decorating the space for weddings or weddings in an apartment is complicated and unnecessary but in reality it is not. On the wedding day, the bride's family needs to prepare carefully the decoration of the family altar and the house space for the groom's family to visit and celebrate. The decoration of the wedding party with fresh flowers will make the space more beautiful and refreshing.


People who live in the Da Nang area generally come to Viet My Fresh Flower Shop to ask for their wedding party decorations. Those who cannot directly visit the shop are usually contacted via the website


Viet My Fresh Flower Shop is a famous flower shop in Hanoi. Flowers in this shop are usually flowers from Da Lat and are imported during the day so very beautiful and fresh. Flowers do not use preservatives or for so long so very durable. The fresh flowers are the first type of flowers in Da Lat and select each flower to bring back to Hanoi during the day. In addition, the shop also imports fresh flowers and dried flowers from abroad such as Bulgari roses, Tulips, baby flowers, lavender, ... These flowers are very beautiful and unique.

Viet My flower shop also facilitates those who are far away and cannot reach the shop by ordering flowers online, receiving goods before paying and flowers. If those wishing to send congratulatory flowers, condolence flowers, opening flowers, ... can use the flower service when they are too busy. Flower service is very quick and convenient for people who need to use it. The price of the flower delivery service is also not high, it is completely proportional to what the shop gives you.


In the wedding, whether in traditional or modern style, fresh flowers are always an effective tool to enhance the beauty of the ceremony space. In Vietnam. On the day of the wedding, people often prefer the traditional style, because during the ceremony there are many adults present in the family. Therefore, red tones are often preferred during wedding days. Red tones create a warm and sweet feeling. Red or white are never out of fashion in a wedding. According to the concept of the East, the red color represents the warmth, luck, happiness and intense love of the lovebirds.


The wedding ceremony space at the apartment has an advantage that the design of the apartment is often airy and has open space so the wedding ceremony space is also very airy. Using red flowers to decorate the wedding space makes the space more prominent.


Because it is organized in an apartment building, it is difficult to set a gate and a door to a house, so it is often used to hang red vines in front of the door.


Table space can be used nude towels and placed on the bowls of roses are cut to create a higher aesthetic. Altar altar can use red dahlia flowers to decorate.

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