Korea is a civilized country, modern and very smart in the way of promoting its culture to world friends. Hopefully the article will be the basis for readers to find themselves the most satisfactory Korean center.


In the course, you will practice all 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and interacting with teachers directly. The Korean language class at Lac Viet Danang College is also a center for teaching Korean language in Danang. For advice on language learning as well as student registration, please contact the center for detailed support.


7. VIET Korean Language Center - EDU Da Nang - Students are the focus. If you are a busy person who does not have time to study, Saigon Vina is an optimal choice when the center is full of individuals and groups right at home. Open environment for students, students wishing to learn Korean communication.


You learn right away to not miss the opportunity to learn Korean this summer. The Korean Language Center of the University of Foreign Languages, in conjunction with the Korean Sejong University, established a center for teaching Korean to Vietnamese people. We recruit Vietnamese students to study in more than 20 countries with language programs, universities, masters, PhD and short-term courses.


Currently our company is a direct representative for: Meros, DBC, TIJ, Nihonbashi language institutes .... (Japan's leading language academy in Tokyo), ITMC, ICASTEC ... (Singapore ) and KDU (Malaysia) in the Central region. ATTENTION: all documents in Vietnamese need to be translated into English or Korean with Vietnamese legal notarization valid within 3 months -The person with the highest diploma and transcript belongs to the schools GUANG NAM come back. For students receiving government scholarships, students applying to priority schools can reduce their bank account balance.


In case the purpose of the invitation is unclear or the person who is invited to Korea for the first time, we may request additional documents to prove the purpose of entry or when necessary, an interview may be required. Korea is known as one of the countries with the most developed education in Asia not only because of the investment in facilities, but also the quality of education is extremely good. Compared to universities in the US and Europe, the cost of studying in Korea is much cheaper.

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