It could be a certain saying, or a meaningful picture, anniversary days of all family members. Simply because the color or pattern will be based on the common hobby of the family to produce the most suitable design for most family members. It is not necessary for the whole family to wear the same type of striped pullover, because the father and the little princes can freely choose the manly, short-sleeved skull t-shirts.   Not only stopping in the production of Korean-style family dresses, we also produce family dresses that will be updated in recent days, dresses for father and son dresses for moms and daughters. Yumeno Nito, who used to work at a JK-style cafe, said that only 30% of girls in this industry came from poor families, they needed this part-time job with post-paid remuneration. good.

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Another client said that, during school, he studied in all boys' schools, had no chance to meet high school girls.   With an income of about $ 13 an hour in 2017, double the value compared to other part-time jobs, JK service attracts many girls to work because they need money to cover their lives and meet. respond to the essential needs of yourself. Fabric quality is an important determinant to the beauty and cost of uniform, it accounts for the majority of material costs and indirectly affects the technology of printing shirts for cheap uniform shirts. can choose PE elastic fabric, elastic spandex fabric, cold cotton spandex fabric or sport fabric, 65% cotton spandex fabric, and for high-class T-shirt, you can choose crocodile spandex fabric, shark fabric, spandex fabric 100% cotton. With 9 years' experience in the fashion industry, with the staff we are always enthusiastic whether the team shirt, the class shirt or the uniform still reaches the standard of fashion, nice design, trendy, material Cool fabric and suitable for the increasing demands of customers.   Your family is always consulted carefully to get the appropriate family clothes, get paid and refund if the product is not committed. Doctor Hiep said: At that time, many people said I was doing a great job, "including teachers, family, friends ... But considering me, the harder I got, the more I liked it."

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